AMID is an association of missionary bases working all over the world. A "Missionary Base" is a place where AMID is legally registered. It is also where all ministry activities happen. Every base is led by a local director, who is overseen by a regional or national leader. Local missionary bases are free to develop ministries according to members' abilities and contextual needs.


  • The Bible

    The Bible is our standard for all belief, instruction, practice and relationships.

  • The World

    Because God cares about the world, so do we.

  • The Disciple

    The true follower of Christ is spiritually productive and grows;

  • The Approach

    Excellence in all we do glorifies and honors God.

  • The Life

    The Christian life should be especially marked by relationships of love, acceptance and forgiveness.

  • The Servant

    Christian character precedes gifts and talents and prayer makes decisive difference in everything we do.

  • The Transformation

    The process of radical transformation is more effective through discipleship.

  • The Team

    Fruitfulness stem from a devoted team who is submissive and committed to Jesus Christ.

  • The Gifts

    The mission is fulfilled by members who exercise their spiritual gifts in order to build up the Body.

  • The Leadership

    The mission should be led by those who are called, capable and recognized by the local missionary base where they serve.


Dr. João Carlos Rocha

Founding President

Dr. João Carlos is a pastor, teacher, church planter and missionary. He has a Bachelor of Theology degree with a concentration in pastoral counseling, a Master in Transcultural Communication from Columbia International University and a PhD in Education from Trinity International University. Along with presiding over AMID World Mission, Dr. João Carlos is also a director of World Harvest Network and Senior Pastor at International Christian Church in Atlanta, GA.


AMID World Mission began in 1981 with the name of Missão e Discipulado in the city Guarapuava, Brazil, with the goal to train future church planters. Through a three year program, the Missão e Discipulado trained many workers who went on to plant dozens of churches throughout Brazil. At the same time, Missão e Discipulado also began pioneering work in towns with little Evangelical presence, also aiming at planting churches.
In 1987, the headquarters of the Missão e Discipulado moved to Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, where the name of the institution was changed to AMID. The Missão e Discipulado training school became a theological seminary, known as SEAMID, forming students with a Bachelor of Theology degree.
As part of the work, AMID Community Church was also born, now known as the Evangelical Community of the Nations. At this time, the missionary work extended its ramifications to Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia. Due to the growing of AMID beyond the borders of Brazil, the name was changed to AMID World Mission, as it is known today.
Since the year 2000, AMID has relocated its global headquarters to Atlanta, GA – USA. From the early 1990s to 2000s, AMID was directly responsible for mission projects in over 30 different nations. Along with overseeing AMID's work overseas, the global headquarters also oversees the International Christian Church, a multicultural church in Atlanta, and AMID Learning, the mission's online education platform.
After 35 years, AMID World Mission is active in over 30 different nations. Our core mission of training leaders and planting churches still continues. SEAMID today is a fully recognized institution offering bachelor, master and doctoral degrees in theology and missiology in the city of Cascavel, Brazil. AMID also promotes social justice through education and healthcare projects in the developing world, along with engaging in outreach and building the local church around the globe.